Leave Your Legacy with the Outdoors

As someone who loves the outdoors, you have the power to leave a lasting legacy for open spaces, accessible rivers, wide mountain vistas, maintained trails, special AMC places (like the huts) and introduce the outdoors to others – today, tomorrow, and beyond. No matter your means or stage in life, by including AMC in your plans, you help sustain our mission to foster the protection, enjoyment and understanding of the outdoors and carry it forward for years to come. As the nation’s oldest conservation organization, AMC has a proud history of achievement and careful stewardship of both natural and financial resources. By making AMC a beneficiary of your legacy, you join a long line of individuals who, through their foresight and generosity, have made AMC the strong organization it is today – and you help us create a future where being outdoors is an integral part of people’s lives and where our natural resources are healthy, loved and protected. ​

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