Wherever your trail leads, it is your stories that define what it means to be outdoors. The stories of AMC members span the gamut from meditative walks in the woods to peak-bagging and taking in the splendor of the summit. From birdwatching to paddling, skiing to camping, the outdoors has something for each of us.

The outdoors gives all of us the opportunity for both introspection and community; and no matter how you live your outdoors story, it is donors who help us all reach the summit.

Since 1876, members of the AMC community have been working to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to be outdoors. The generosity of donors, like you, makes it possible to:

  • Build, repair, and maintain over 1,800 miles of trails each year, showing millions of outdoor enthusiasts the path so they can go places and make their own stories.
  • Introduce over 80,000 youth to the outdoors annually through programs like the Educators Outdoors program, Outdoors Rx, and A Mountain Classroom. Their experiences are the seeds of potential: we are growing the next generation of conservationists.
  • Preserve the national heritage of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions through ballot-box measures, cutting-edge research, and landmark conservation deals.
  • Prepare the strong volunteer contingent to advance AMC’s mission and introduce thousands of people to the outdoors through leadership training.

Please contact Stephanie Schiele at [email protected] or 617.391.6638 to discuss leaving your legacy and your dreams for the future of AMC.